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Hot Spot of the Week: City Brew Coffee

Hot Spot of the Week: City Brew Coffee

Coffee has always been a large part of my day, probably since the age of sixteen. I think that is something many people can relate to. We have this desire to have a cup of coffee in our hands at events, meetings, and most recently, I have discovered while showing properties, I love to have a cup in my car. It is slightly crazy how attached us coffee drinkers become to just the idea of coffee with us. (I am sure the caffeine addiction plays a role in this too.)

With all that being said, City Brew has always been my go-to since the beginning of my coffee drinking days. While I was in college, I remember always going there to study. If I didn’t go there, I picked one up before going to the library. Now, I still use City Brew even as a meeting spot for my business. It has an amazing atmosphere that can somehow be business professional, as well as laid back enough for the college kid trying to study. I meet new clients at City Brews weekly around town for these exact reasons. It really has become home to my coffee drinking habits.

Amazingly, they have a perks program that I always just said “No, I don’t want it,” or lied and said “Oh I forgot it” which I am sure they knew I made up to get them to stop talking. I think sometimes we don’t take the time to listen to really see what cashiers are trying to tell us, because we feel people are always trying to sell us something we don’t want. However, one day, I let a barista finally tell me what the Perks Program was all about. Now I am kicking myself that I didn’t sign up years ago when I first started going to City Brew. They have several levels, but if you are an avid coffee drinker like me, you will hit Platinum in about a week. Here is all you can get at the Platinum Level (30 points in 12 months):

  • FREE food or drink every 12 points
  • FREE refills on hot or iced coffee or tea
  • FREE drink or food on your birthday

So you can imagine as an agent between showings, meetings where I buy clients coffee, or just going to any event where I need to be holding a coffee in my hand to feel socially acceptable, I rack up a ton of points! I am pretty sure I get 2-3 coffees free each month, which is a screaming deal for someone like me who loves their coffee!

Check out their website at the bottom of this page to get more information on their rewards programs, and everything else City Brew has to offer. This little instance showed me an important lesson. Not all cashiers are trying to sell you something, and if they are, it still might be something that would be worth looking into. If I would have taken the time to listen to them, I would have been getting free coffees years ago!

Thanks City Brew for always being my constant place of work, no matter what point in my life, and for always making great coffee!


Written by Kierney Findon on March 19, 2019. Posted in Things to do in Billings
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