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Hot Spot of the Week: Black Orchid Yoga+Cycle

Hot Spot of the Week: Black Orchid Yoga+Cycle

For many of us, working out daily can be super difficult. I know ever since I have been out of the college athlete lifestyle, finding something that I enjoy doing to stay in shape has been very difficult. I have probably tried every gym in Billings, but always found something that wasn’t my absolute favorite about it. Hot Yoga has always been something I have wanted to try, but I was skeptical thinking there was no possible way yoga would give me a good workout.

Well, I was wrong. It was one of the best workouts I have ever done, hands down! I have only been going about two weeks now, but I find myself craving the feeling of going to class. On the days I am forced to cancel on going to class, I am truly upset that I can’t make it, something I don’t usually feel about working out. I believe one of the main reasons I love this activity is how much it helps relax me. Real Estate can really be a stressful world, but that hour of escape time where you are focusing on just trying to perfect your yoga practice, keeps me sane some days.

Black Orchid is simply an amazing studio to practice at, and it could be one of the reasons I started loving yoga. From the moment I started, I really felt welcome. I had new teachers often because I can never seem to make it consistently to the same class times, but they all make an effort to remember who I am each time I show up. The instructors do a great job of making the class for all skill levels. They show moves for beginners, and then continue to develop the move for those who are at a more advanced level. It really helps everyone in the class feel comfortable.

The studio has a couple different classes that they offer. Here are some of the examples:

  • Hot Yoga: They have several levels of hot yoga where they allow people of all skill levels to join. With this, they have intro to heat classes that will help people experience the slightly hotter temp. I jumped right into the All Level course, and it for sure was HOT, but I am glad I did it.
  • Shape: I have yet to try one of their shape classes, mainly because I don’t feel I have gotten the yoga moves down quite yet. With shape, they add a little more intensity by adding weights to the normal yoga practices. This class for sure will kick my butt, but I am excited to give it a try soon!
  • Cycling: I have done a couple cycling courses now, and man did they take me awhile to get used to. Sitting on the hard bike seat is not something that I loved at first, however, I get a killer leg workout from these courses!

These are just some of the classes that they have to offer! There are so many options, and times of the day that you could do to try and get this fit into your schedule. If you are interested in seeing some of the other classes they offer and times, check out their app: Black Orchid Yoga/Spin, or check out their website I have listed below. You really will not be disappointed! If you have ever thought about trying hot yoga, I highly recommend checking out Black Orchid!


Written by Kierney Findon on March 1, 2019. Posted in Best of BillingsThings to do in Billings
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